A Girl & Her Collie


Welcome to my little blog. This blog was born from an idea to travel to Sweden after life threw me a curveball and I decided to take advantage of the opportunity to do something amazing, to take a breath of fresh air and to live according to one of my favourite quotes –

Live in the sunshine,
Swim the sea
Drink the wild air.

Hence, a mashup of these two ideas – a breath of wild air, as it were, was born. I’m Emily, 30-something teacher, wannabe writer, agility enthusiast and outdoor lover from Australia, and this is Loki, a little black and white border collie.

I’m the one in the hat.

Yeah but what’s the point?

Glad you asked! As I’m planning this journey – a journey from Australia to Europe – with my dog in tow, I’m going to have to learn a lot. A lot about rules and regulations, about visas and vaccinations, about parks and restrictions, wildlife, cars and campers. My dream is to drive around Europe for a few months, visiting some amazing agility trainers, hiking in forests, on mountains, swimming in rivers and lakes – all without worrying about accidentally stepping on a snake in the process. Hopefully I can inspire you to take your dog and travel, can help you decide how you want to travel, where to stay, what to visit, and what to avoid with your dog at your side. I’m coming from one of the least dog-friendly countries I can think of and am fascinated by the idea that I could take Loki on a cable-car, to a stunning national park, hell, even into a hotel! So I’ll be learning about caring for him, a working-line collie, while on the road. What the hell do we do when it’s winter and half the places I want to go are snowed in? Is that even a thing? Summers, I can do summers, but winter?? Apart from running and hiding in Spain, how do I take care of my little dude in a northern hemisphere winter? And how do I keep him safe and confident with such an unsettled lifestyle?

Until I leave, you’ll be reading plenty about the planning process, and about living, travelling and exploring Australia with a dog.

Welcome aboard!

A thirty-something dog trainer, outdoor lover, agility enthusiast and would-be writer from Australia – taking her dog and travelling around Europe.