Ok… I don’t actually ever say G’day. But that’s me, an Aussie girl getting ready to jump aboard a plane with her collie safely stowed beneath, embarking on the trip of a lifetime.

I’m the one in the hat.

I’m a 30-something teacher hailing from the fair shores of Victoria, Australia, where I live/have been living/lived with my 3 dogs. Recently life threw me a curve-ball and I suddenly found myself a lot less ‘tethered’ to the place I’d spent my whole life. In the way that happens when, say, you are no longer obligated to stay in one place because of a significant other, if you get what I’m putting down. In a way, I’ve never really felt Australian, whatever that means. I’ve never felt that this was my place. So when the opportunity arose to go, to seek, to find a new place, I knew this was the time to take it.

Where to go? Europe.

I’m very slightly in love with a few things: dogs, hiking, and agility. So when you consider that Australia has to be one of the least dog friendly places in the world, that you can’t hike off-lead for most of the year because of snakes, and that we have a serious lack of world-class trainers and world-level competition opportunities… well, you can imagine why I started to think further abroad.

The mountains are calling and we must go

But I’m not planning on going alone. See that little black & white guy with the most perfect triangular ears? He’s coming with me. Super speedy, super sweet, super easy to travel with, he’s going to be my constant companion as I try and navigate my way around Europe. As I train with amazing trainers, hike forests, climb mountains, swim in lakes (after all, a good game of swim-fetch is right up there on his Top 10 Things to do Before he Dies.)

More swim-fetch please!!

So here you’ll find the chronicles of our planning and preparations: visas, vaccines and vet-checks, budgets, planning and building itineraries. Once we’re there, I’ll be letting you know about the dog-friendly places we find around Europe, what to see with your dog and what to avoid. About the mistakes we make and the lessons we learn (like… how on earth we’re going to survive a real winter. With real snow. And real cold). Sometimes I’ll write about things we learn during agility seminars or lessons, or if we do something particularly exciting in competitions.

Live in the sunshine
Swim the sea
Drink the wild air
-Ralph Waldo Emerson