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Seminars & Training

One of the reasons I wanted to come to Europe was to train with some of the most amazing agility competitors and trainers in the world.

Consider this page a kind of “resumé” and record of the training we’ve done while we’re here (or at least the training that I’ve filmed!).

Zeljko Gora – September 24/25th 2017 (Austria)

Zeljko Gora – September 29/30th 2017 (Austria)

Lisa Frick & Christian Wöss – September 17/18th 2017 (Austria)

Lisa Frick & Tereza Kralovà – August 19/20th 2017 (England)


There is an interesting thing that happens in Australia when an international person comes out. We all panic and rush to book into the seminar as quickly as possible, and they usually always book out (from what I’ve seen!). So it’s been an interesting discovery for me to be able to book into seminars with some “big name” trainers only a week or two before the seminar is going to be held!