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Winter in a Van

As an Australian, I was very concerned about going north through Norway and Sweden. How cold would it get? How would I drive in snow? What survival tips did I need? Would my car start? And so on. We spent two weeks up north, and even now as we have been making our way south…

Winter Bear

So, I feel like a little bear. A little Australian bear that’s never had to hibernate through a winter. What do people with dogs even do in winter? I know some people in instagram go skiing with their dogs and they seem happy enough… What about his little paws? How do I find safe places to do this? Will we freeze to death? Does he need to wear a coat?

Timelines & Options

Sometimes there are so many options. So many possibilities. How do you choose the one that will give the best outcome, especially when it comes to travelling, to the unknown, to the freedom that I’ll have once we get to Europe and can decide when and where we want to go on our own time?